Leading Change: The 5 Stages of Acceptance

You can't lead without a vision. Whether you're casting a new vision or just polishing up your old one, there is generally an emotional process that people go through before they completely understand and embrace the vision that God's palced in your [...]


Pain blurs vision. Whether it’s your vision for life, marriage, family, or the pursuit of your purpose - no matter which part of your heart the pain is touching, stormy seasons have a way of causing us to view life through [...]

12 Ways A Church Leader Can Create A Toxic Culture.

No matter how grandiose your vision for ministry my be, a toxic culture will eat your church's vision alive. In his book "Cracking Your Churches Culture Code" author and church growth expert Sam Chand says it this way: "Culture - not vision [...]

How To Discern God’s Will When You’re Making an Important Decision

Which way do you go when either way could be the right way? The most challenging questions to answer in life typically aren't the ones surrounding matters of right and wrong, but between right and right. It's when either way could [...]

Vision, Mission, And Core Values.

Today I want to highlight the difference between a Vision statement, Mission statement, and Core Values. These three are constantly confused with one another. I've seen mission statements called vision statements and vision statements called mission statements. When it comes to [...]

11 Ways To Identify Your Purpose!

You are the solution to a problem! Becoming that solution is your purpose. The bible confirms without question that you and I were created with a very specific purpose in mind: "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to [...]

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