Why You Need to STOP Speaking Bad About Your Spouse.

I've got an axe to grind. It drives me absolutely crazy when I hear people bad mouth their spouse. I just don't understand it. Whether it's done in private or in public; using your words to tear down the person your [...]

How Strongholds Gain Access to Your Life.

Pain is often the entry point through which spiritual strongholds gain access to our lives. An unhealed wound becomes the gate the enemy uses to introduce deadly thinking and as a result, when life gets hard, we’re tempted to back away [...]

4 Attitudes Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Success

Nothing will sabotage the pursuit of your purpose like a bad attitude. It's a relational repellent that pushes healthy people away from you while drawing toxic relationships closer to you. You can have multiple doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities or [...]

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