Where do wounded healers go to heal?

Leading through depression The truth is that pastors and ministry leaders deal with depression but are often the last to realize it or at least, the last to admit it. In fact, in Dr. Gary Lovejoy’s book A Pastor’s Guide for [...]

Leading Change: The 5 Stages of Acceptance

You can't lead without a vision. Whether you're casting a new vision or just polishing up your old one, there is generally an emotional process that people go through before they completely understand and embrace the vision that God's palced in your [...]


Pain blurs vision. Whether it’s your vision for life, marriage, family, or the pursuit of your purpose - no matter which part of your heart the pain is touching, stormy seasons have a way of causing us to view life through [...]

4 Attitudes Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Success

Nothing will sabotage the pursuit of your purpose like a bad attitude. It's a relational repellent that pushes healthy people away from you while drawing toxic relationships closer to you. You can have multiple doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities or [...]

How to Create A Healthy Church Culture.

A healthy church culture doesn't happen on accident. It has to be cultivated on purpose - over time.  Whether you're a Lead Pastor or you're leading a ministry team, culture is far too important to leave to chance. Below I've offered [...]

12 Ways A Church Leader Can Create A Toxic Culture.

No matter how grandiose your vision for ministry my be, a toxic culture will eat your church's vision alive. In his book "Cracking Your Churches Culture Code" author and church growth expert Sam Chand says it this way: "Culture - not vision [...]

3 Bad Habits Every Leader Needs To Break Or Avoid.

Any of us can unintentionally pick up bad habits; habits that can hinder our ability to lead well. Like termites in the foundation they can start to eat away at our leadership until eventually we fall through the floor both relationally [...]

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