A GRACE MANIFESTO – Why Are We So Afraid of Grace?

Grace & Holiness Grace in many Christian circles has become mysteriously controversial. For those brought up in any sort of holiness tradition (like I was), you’re probably even more susceptible to the systemic suspicion that’s aroused if the word grace [...]

Jesus and His Presence

At Life Church International we have 7 Core Values. They're what I like to call the "DNA" of the ministry. Today it's my privilege to begin sharing these values with you. Before I get started though, there's something you need to know - [...]

The Two Things That Jesus Didn’t do.

Raising Lazarus from the dead is considered by many to be the greatest miracle of Jesus' earthly ministry (prior to His death and resurrection). Yet in the midst of the miracle there's a powerful leadership lesson being laid down by the Master. [...]

Lead Like A Lion.

Are you leading like The Lion? There's something about the "Big Cat" that demands our attention. They are, after all, a bit of a paradox. A lion is the picture of both grace and power. They possess the ability to captivate [...]

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