Understanding Spiritual Strongholds

Perhaps the best definition of a stronghold is simply: Believing that a lie is true. The battle for our thoughts is such a reality that while teaching the Corinthian church a lesson on spiritual warfare, the Apostle Paul explained that if [...]

4 Attitudes Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Success

Nothing will sabotage the pursuit of your purpose like a bad attitude. It's a relational repellent that pushes healthy people away from you while drawing toxic relationships closer to you. You can have multiple doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities or [...]

3 Bad Habits Every Leader Needs To Break Or Avoid.

Any of us can unintentionally pick up bad habits; habits that can hinder our ability to lead well. Like termites in the foundation they can start to eat away at our leadership until eventually we fall through the floor both relationally [...]

How To Discern God’s Will When You’re Making an Important Decision

Which way do you go when either way could be the right way? The most challenging questions to answer in life typically aren't the ones surrounding matters of right and wrong, but between right and right. It's when either way could [...]

Vision, Mission, And Core Values.

Today I want to highlight the difference between a Vision statement, Mission statement, and Core Values. These three are constantly confused with one another. I've seen mission statements called vision statements and vision statements called mission statements. When it comes to [...]

Why You Should Reject The Fear of Change.

On my last Sunday as the Lead Pastor of Faith Community Church I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you regarding what seems to be one of the most dreaded words in our culture: CHANGE. We oftentimes don't mind [...]

How To Make Christmas Memories Like A Boss!

I love Christmas. Some of the best memories of my entire life are connected to this special time of the year. There's something about celebrating the birth of God's Son that sets this day apart from all the rest. Even the [...]

Lead Like A Lion.

Are you leading like The Lion? There's something about the "Big Cat" that demands our attention. They are, after all, a bit of a paradox. A lion is the picture of both grace and power. They possess the ability to captivate [...]

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