Jesus and His Presence

At Life Church International we have 7 Core Values. They're what I like to call the "DNA" of the ministry. Today it's my privilege to begin sharing these values with you. Before I get started though, there's something you need to know - [...]

How Strongholds Gain Access to Your Life.

Pain is often the entry point through which spiritual strongholds gain access to our lives. An unhealed wound becomes the gate the enemy uses to introduce deadly thinking and as a result, when life gets hard, we’re tempted to back away [...]

Understanding Spiritual Strongholds

Perhaps the best definition of a stronghold is simply: Believing that a lie is true. The battle for our thoughts is such a reality that while teaching the Corinthian church a lesson on spiritual warfare, the Apostle Paul explained that if [...]

4 Attitudes Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Success

Nothing will sabotage the pursuit of your purpose like a bad attitude. It's a relational repellent that pushes healthy people away from you while drawing toxic relationships closer to you. You can have multiple doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities or [...]

How to Create A Healthy Church Culture.

A healthy church culture doesn't happen on accident. It has to be cultivated on purpose - over time.  Whether you're a Lead Pastor or you're leading a ministry team, culture is far too important to leave to chance. Below I've offered [...]

4 Ways A Church Member Can Create a Toxic Culture.

In part one of our toxic culture series we talked about 12 Ways A Church Leader Can Create A Toxic Culture. In this post we're going to address four ways a church member can do the same. Let's get started.   [...]

12 Ways A Church Leader Can Create A Toxic Culture.

No matter how grandiose your vision for ministry my be, a toxic culture will eat your church's vision alive. In his book "Cracking Your Churches Culture Code" author and church growth expert Sam Chand says it this way: "Culture - not vision [...]

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