Seven Deadly Thoughts

When life doesn’t seem to want to go our way, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But how often do we look inward and truly analyze the way our own thinking has affected our trajectory? How might we free ourselves from these self-imposed limitations? What could a shift in mindset do for you? Seven Deadly Thoughts seeks to answer these questions and more.

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Armed with practical insight and biblical evidence, author Travis Hall leads us through an exploration of all the ways that people’s own minds – even more than their circumstances or lack of provision or opportunity-can be their greatest saboteurs.

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What They’re Saying

In 1983, clinical psychologist M. Scott Peck introduced the Christian world to the People of the Lie. Travis Hall has renewed such a warning, but from the hear of a pastor who is in the trenches with real people each day. Practical, direct and incisive, every Christian needs this book to challenge and replaces the lice that we have believed.

Dr. Josh Rice, Dean of the School of Ministry, Richmont Graduate University

My friend Travis reminds us that the battle we are engaged in is not between God and Satan, good and evil, but between our two ears – our mind! Offering practical, powerful, biblical solutions to eliminating toxic mindsets and living the abundant life you’re created for, this book will become a manual for living victoriously.

Phil Munsey, Chairman of Champions Network of Churches with Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church

My friend Travis Hall is a leader who leads with excellence and passion. Travis has an anointing that changes lives and shifts atmospheres. In his new book, Seven Deadly Thoughts, you will discover practical, biblically-based principles that will bring freedom and lead you to a greater season of promise and purpose.

Tony Stewart, Senior Pastor, Citylife Church, Tampa, FL

Our greatest battle is fought in the internal spaces of our hearts and minds. If we are ever to win on these battlegrounds, we’d better start learning the strategies that will inevitably bring victory. Travis Hall’s book, Seven Deadly Thoughts, identifies where we’ve allowed detrimental thinking to overtake our daily lives and gives practical handles to thrive with a victorious, renewed mind!

Ben Daily, Lead Pastor of Calvary Church, Irving, TX

A stronghold has been defined as “a house made of thoughts”. The truths in this book will enable believers to detect the lies of the enemy and to discover thoughts that are not in alignment with the truth of God’s Word. When put into practice, these truths will become a powerful weapon to destroy the thoughts that are designed to prevent them from fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for their life. Your house – your world – is about to change! Get ready to think, speak and live differently; to be the person you were created to be.

Bishop Mitch Corder, Director of Church Health and Revitalization, Cleveland, TN
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About The Author

Travis serves as the Lead Pastor of Life Church International, a dynamic and diverse congregation in Metro Atlanta and holds his Bachelors of Science degree in Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership/Administration from Lee University and his Masters in Ministry with an emphasis on Spiritual Formation from Richmont Graduate University. He has 18 years of ministry experience and is passionate about helping leaders start well and stay well, and helping people discover, develop and protect their God-given purpose. Travis engages weekly with a community of growing leaders on Instagram @pastortravishall and on his blog here at Travis resides in Atlanta with his wife Tina and their five children.

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